Light as Nutrition – Plant Growth Triangle

Light as Nutrition – Plant Growth Triangle

Application Driven

Innovations in grow lighting are paramount to the current and future success of CEA (Controlled Environmental Agriculture) and Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting. No single grow light is good for every single application; the term we use for this disparity is ‘Application Driven’. To offer an example: single-point light sources like Plasma, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium are excellent for overhead grow lighting applications but not well suited for vertical farming. We would advocate that Full-Spectrum Light-NutritionTM is the holy grail of all grow lighting innovations and should be carefully considered when making your grow lighting decisions.

Full-Spectrum Light-Nutrition
So, what exactly is Full-Spectrum Light-NutritionTM and why is it important to Master Growers?  Well, in the beginning there was only Natural Sunlight, then man discovers that plants use a specific blend of colors found in natural sunlight (designated as *PAR – Photosynthetically Active Radiation as illustrated in the Rainbow Colored Graph below)

Light as Nutrition - Plant Growth Triangle

PAR-Plasma-HPS Spectral Distribution

PAR – Photosynthetically Active Radiation – This rainbow colored graph represents the perfect mixture of colors for optimum plant growth
Plasma – The white line indicates the full-spectrum of light Chameleon Plasma produces in relation to PAR
HPS – The gray line indicates the partial spectrum of light High Pressure Sodium produces in relation to PAR

Let’s use an analogy to equate human nutrition to PAR;  if you only received 21-24% (HPS spectrum in relation to PAR) of your minimum daily requirements for healthy human nutrition would you thrive as well as the human receiving 94-95% (Plasma spectrum in relation to PAR)?

Plant Growth Triangle

There are three facets of the Plant Growth Triangle

  1. Light (within PAR) – the most essential element for optimum plant health
  2. Water (& nutrients) – made more available to the root system with the proper light spectrum
  3. CO2 (ambient or enriched) – optimizes the other two facets

Healthy plants (receiving proper quantities of each facet) are more pest & disease resistant, develop more root mass, have thicker stems with accelerated internodal development.


Watt-for-watt, Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting is capable of outperforming legacy and boutique grow lighting for lower operating costs. Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting provides a more organic spectrum similar to natural sunlight, producing more aesthetically appealing plants with higher percentages of chlorophyll (and cannabinoids in medicinal plants) allowing growers to offer fresh local products year round.

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Light as Nutrition – Plant Growth Triangle

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