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“Plasma lighting is probably the biggest advance in agriculture in the past decade. It has broadened our understanding of the relationship between light and vegetation. The possibilities for the application of this technology are endless.”
Frank Pons – Appelman Pons Consulting

Best Root Growth I Have Ever Seen Under Your New Lights, Plants are Very Healthy!”
John Skarie – Commercial Greenhouse Grower, Minnesota

“I just wanted let you know that I could not be happier with my purchase from Chameleon Grow Systems.  The light is outstanding and my plants have never looked better.  The savings in electricity have made this an economical decision as well.  I would recommend Chameleon Grow Systems to anyone! The service has been great and I cannot wait to purchase the 500W instrument as soon it becomes available.”
Sincerely – Theron

“Hi Chris, I’m writing just to let you know that my new Solar Genesis Plasma Grow Light is working beyond expectation and we couldn’t be happier. Our yield has been amplified along with a dramatic increase in trichome production. We have also noticed little to no effect in our power bill. Its everything you said and more. In fact, its so good that i’m left with only one question, when can I get my hands on these new LED’s? I know we’ve already discussed it but any new info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you.”
The Inquisitive Buyer – Eric

“Chris is very knowledgeable about light. His product is, as far as I know, the strongest plasma (500-watts) on the market. He accounts for missing or insufficient wavelengths as well.”
Michael Wolf Segal – Cannabis Consultant, Farmer In The Sky

“Hi Chris, I love this light, it is working very well!”
Thank you – Kevin

“I am so pleased with my lights ­ my Juliet Roma tomatoes are very tasty and prolific. There is absolutely no comparison to last year’s attempt under 1000W hps with LED and T5 supplements. Each plant is constantly cycling through 10-12 trusses of 12 to 14 fruits on each truss!  Internodes are 2″ to 3″ apart, with a truss after every 3 leaves. I also had some fabulous strawberries that were as sweet as Kool-aid. With these lights, my indoor gardening is so much less complicated.”
Thank you for the great customer service – Emily

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Grow Light | Grow Lights | Grow Lighting – Testimonials

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Date Published: 08/08/2016
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Date Published: 08/08/2016