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Startup Offering Sunlight in a Box to Grow Plants

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Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting
Announces New Business Strategies

Chameleon Grow Systems Announces Release of
500w Plasma Grow Lighting

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New Plasma Lighting Technology
Grows Nutritious Vegetables

Chameleon Plasma Grow Lights
500w Plasma Grow & Aquarium Lighting
Plasma Grow Lighting for Hydroponic Crop Production

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I am very excited about this light indeed. It runs 500 watts and is fully self-contained in the single hanging unit you see in the photo—which weighs about 20 lbs—and a HydroHut tent is perfectly built to handle this type of equipment. This light runs a bit cooler than my 400 watt HID lights, but not as cool as an LED light. This Chameleon Plasma light brings a full spectrum of light to your plants, which I am a huge fan of when growing all naturally like using TLO style. Just like with all the different lighting I use to flower under, the plasma light works best keeping about an 18 inch distance between your plant tops and the light; however, you can get them closer without the usual damage
that this would cause using HID type lighting because it stays cooler under the direct intense plasma lighting.
At the time of this writing I am about to do a full flowering run with this light, so stay tuned for further details regarding the performance; but I have very high confidence this light rocks! Until next time Earthlings, Revski out!


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Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting
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Chameleon Grow Systems Announces Release
of 500w Plasma Grow Lighting

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Chameleon Grow Systems
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LEP Lights

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Plasma Grow Lights

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Plasma Lighting 
Another Horticulture Invention


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