Ceravision – Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting Alliance

Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting to Globally Distribute Ceravision® High Efficiency Plasma Lamps
Release date: July 4th, 2017
Chameleon®, the leading distributor of plasma grow lighting in the Americas, has agreed a ground-breaking deal and signed Heads of Agreement with UK-based plasma lamp pioneer, Ceravision® Ltd, to bring a new, world-leading light source to the global market. The deal was announced on 4th of July – to commemorate America’s Independence Day – marking a new venture between two outstanding American and British companies.

Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting (Powered by Ceravision®)
Outshines Mother Nature!
Ceravision® High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) electrodeless light technology is capable of various different light spectra. Having the ability to adapt the waveform of spectral light output is critical to innovating the most spectrally advanced grow light on the planet! Armed with over 10 years of Doctorate-level research Chameleon® was able to specify a precise spectral waveform scientifically proven to enhance plant growth and produce more chlorophyll, more biomass and higher percentages of cannabinoids in medicinal cannabis.
Chameleon® owner, Chris Pieser, said “with this new level of sophistication, Ceravision® scientists have been able to tune-in the wavelengths that drive photosynthesis and tune-out those that do not, resulting in a more spectrally-efficient light source than any other grow light on the planet.”

Additional benefits include: NO ANNUAL LAMP CHANGES which equates to substantial lamp-change savings (growers change out legacy lamps annually). The rated lifespan of Ceravision® Plasma systems are 50,000 hours with one lamp change (that’s 12 years at 12 hours a day). Along with industry leading micromole maintenance, there are also efficiencies in electrical power draw as “watt for watt” Ceravision® plasma is capable of producing healthier plants and higher profit margins due to the additional chlorophyll, cannabinoids and biomass produced.

Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting (Powered by Ceravision®) 430W units should be available in September followed by an incredibly powerful 860W unit. Products will carry a three-year warranty along with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
Mr. Pieser, whose company has sold thousands of Plasma Grow Lights over the past 10 years to growers in 16 countries, noted that Ceravision® HEP systems will provide a range of unparalleled benefits for commercial and residential growers including a sophisticated control system capable of calculating the exact amount of light accumulated (for that particular day) then shutting off the lamps when they achieve the exact amount of Daily Light Integral (DLI) required for that plant species.

Ceravision® Commercial Director, Stuart Stoddart said “we are also collaborating with Chameleon® on several very high-powered fixtures that will outperform legacy systems. These models will be very well suited for high-wire crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.), traditionally difficult to light effectively.
Elite research organisations have already discovered the benefits of plasma light sources in plant research programs, including studies by the University of Mississippi, Purdue University, North Dakota State University, University of Hawaii, Pomona College, San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology and Weill Cornell College in Qatar. Professors at Gro & Sell, Crop King, Botanicare, Revolt Gardens and several others were pleased with the performance for the Chameleon Plasma in their plant trials.
In the UK, at the world’s oldest plant research institutions – the Rothamsted Research Centre and Stockbridge Research Centre – in-depth trials of Ceravision® lamps are being undertaken. Data collected can be viewed at PlasmaGrowLighting.com/Research.

The breakthrough Ceravision® lamp comes at a time of rising global awareness of both the challenges faced by mankind in operating efficient food production systems to feed more and more people, and the huge medicinal benefits that can be obtained from plants. Not least of these is the increasing demand for medicinal cannabis and for recreational cannabis in states and nations where it is deregulated. There are currently 30 States in the USA and at least 20 countries that have approved medical or recreational cannabis.

About Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting
Incorporated in 2007, Chameleon® discovered that plants grown with Plasma Lighting had nutritional and biomass benefits over legacy lighting sources for lower operating costs. Since then, Chameleon® has become an established global supplier of Plasma Grow Lighting products covering North America and 16 other countries, furthering its reputation with ongoing scientific research whilst providing exceptional customer service and support.
Based near Orlando, Florida, Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting has a direct-to-consumer e-commerce alliance with FedEx® to ensure its products arrive safely and on schedule for its global customers.
To purchase Ceravision® lamps, please contact Chameleon® Plasma Grow Lighting:
Chris Pieser, President and CTO
1309 Oak Street Ocoee, FL 34761
001 407 704 5000
chris.pieser – SKYPE
[email protected]

About Ceravision Ltd
Located 30 miles north of London in Milton Keynes, Ceravision has become the world’s No.1 pioneer in the R&D and manufacture of ultra-efficient, high output plasma lamps. Thousands of its lamps are now installed in retail and warehouse installations. Working with some of the best lighting scientists in the UK and US, Ceravision took the decision in 2017 to concentrate on the rapidly growing markets in horticultural and smallholder plant growth sectors.
The company will leverage its world-beating technology and unique manufacturing expertise to create a range of plasma lamps with ever increasing light output and spectral intensity – all specially targeted to meet the needs of plant growers. A uniquely powerful 1000W lamp is central to the company’s future development plans.
Contact: Stuart Stoddart – [email protected] – +44 7493 873 920. Ceravision Ltd, Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, England MK7 8HX