1000w Plasma Grow Light!

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1000w Plasma Grow Light!

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1000w Plasma Grow Light

1000w Plasma Grow Light!

We are pleased to announce our new relationship
with AllianceNP, innovators in Plasma Lighting.
Chris Pieser, President – Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting
KJ Kim, President – AllianceNP

Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting has been supplying high-quality
Plasma Grow Lighting for over ten years.
Previous models were limited to 300w or 500w. Our new partners have developed highly efficient Plasma Grow Lighting starting at 1000w
with the potential to produce higher wattage products for high-wire crops like tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers & more. We are currently collaborating on the final design to include vent flanges to duct out the unwanted heat in your grow space. This will be especially helpful
for residential & commercial cannabis growers.

Product details, photos, pricing and shipping dates will be released shortly.

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Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting
More Full-Spectrum Light-Nutrition
than any other Grow Light on the Planet!