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Grow Light, Grow Lights, Grow Lighting – Plasma

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Note: Plasma Grow Light is 240v

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Top Ten Reasons to Consider
Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting

  1. 500w Plasma Produces More Chlorophyll, Terpenes & Higher Percentages of Medicinal Content
  2. 500w Plasma Produces More Yield
  3. 500w Plasma Draws Less Electricity
  4. 500w Plasma Produces Less Electrical Heat Loading
  5. 500w Plasma Requires Zero Lamp Changes (12 year lifespan)
  6. 500w Plasma is Wet-Location Friendly
  7. 500w Plasma has a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  8. 500w Plasma has a 10 Year Limited Warranty
  9. 500w Plasma is Good for All Stages of Plant Growth
  10. 500w Plasma is Like Mother Nature in a Box

Grow Light | Grow Lights | Grow Lighting – Home

Grow Light | Grow Lights | Grow Lighting - Home

Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting – InfoGraphic

Plasma Grow Lighting Benefits
Ideal for All Stages of Plant Growth
(seed germination, vegetation and flowering)
More Chlorophyll, Terpenes & Medicinal Content
More Yield (per watt)

Return on Investment (500w Plasma vs. 600w HPS)
$195 Annual Electrical Savings
$137 Annual Cooling Savings
$60 Annual Lamp Change Savings (no lamp changes)
$392 Total Annual Savings
$4704 Total Lifespan Savings (12 yrs at 12 hrs day)

More CRI (Color Rendering Index)
100 CRI – Sunlight
95 CRI – Chameleon Plasma
24 CRI – HPS

More CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)
5780k – Sunlight
5500k – Chameleon Plasma
2100k – HPS

Exceptionally Robust Product Design
Designed by Aerospace Engineers
Aircraft Quality Construction
Corrosion Resistant
316 Stainless Steel
Camera Quality Optics
Proprietary Optical Coating
Wet Location Friendly

10 Year Limited Warranty
(10 yr Mechanical – 1 yr Electrical)
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Product Returns MUST be in Original Carton and Packaging

Light as Nutrition
Light as nutrition has been long overlooked as there have not been sufficient choices with reasonable spectral light distribution within PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) until Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting was introduced.

Let’s use an analogy; if you (as a human being) are required to have 100% of the Minimum Daily Requirements from each nutrient component and you were only receiving 21-24%  (HPS spectrum in relation to PAR) would you thrive as well as the human receiving 94-95% (Plasma in relation to PAR)

Watt-for-watt, Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting is capable of outperforming legacy grow lighting for less operating costs. It provides a more organic spectrum similar to natural sunlight, producing more aesthetically appealing plants with higher percentages of chlorophyll (and cannabinoids in medicinal plants) allowing growers to offer fresh local products year round.

Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting
More Full-Spectrum Light-Nutrition
than Any Other Grow Light on the Planet!

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